25 Years After Europe’s Unification – Values and Security at Risk?

25 Years After Europe’s Unification – Values and Security at Risk?
Seminar. Does an increasing questioning of the EU across Europe and the development of Russia in terms of domestic conditions and foreign policy signify a widening value gap in Europe? Or is this a conflict between Russia and the rest of Europe? What are the consequences for Europe´s economy and security?

  • Datum: 5 juli, 2016
  • Tid: 16:00
  • Plats: Katolska kyrkan, S:t Drottensgatan 12, Visby
  • Lokal: Newman/Bildascenen

About 25 years ago, the Communist dictatorships, in what then was called Eastern Europe, collapsed. The new democracies became members of the EU and NATO in order to anchor their national security and identity in the democratic sphere. Some saw this as the emergence of a new global harmony. However, the scepticism towards the EU and its model of society now grows across Europe. An authoritarian Russia appears as an alternative but its approach to Ukraine and the EU is accused of aggressiveness and the desire to destabilize. In his encyclical letter “Centesimus annus” in 1991, Pope John Paul II warned the Post-Communist world to uncritically embrace all values behind the Capitalist model.

Do today’s increased value tensions in Europe show he was right? Is the Russian model exerting a pull? What are the consequences economically, socially and for Europe´s security? Is this a conflict only between Putin’s Russia and the rest of Europe, or is there even a “value curtain” across Europe?

Medverkande: Wieslaw Tarka (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Sweden), Andriy Zelinskyy (Jesuit priest and political scientist at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), Anna von Bayern (German political journalist and author with Swedish roots, Munich), Katrine Marçal (Moderator, Swedish political journalist and author based in London)

Kontaktpersoner: Christoph Hermann, Newmaninstitutet/Bilda, 070-956 76 32

Arrangörer: Newmaninstitutet, Studieförbundet Bilda, Kulturtidskriften Signum

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